Paros-Syros 2012

Mit Carmen und Patrick
012-crewcarmenpatrick 018-mapCruiseParosSyros 003-ParosNaoussa03 Naoussa-01
001-ParosNaoussa01 002-ParosNaoussa02 Naoussa-05 004-FelsformationSerifos01
005-DhespotikoPredigt 006-DhespotikoSunset Ankeralarm 007-sunsetcarmen
010-FelsformationSerifos02 009-SerifosChora Ios-Kirche-02 serifos-bucht
011-SerifosHarbour 013-SyrosRegierungsplatz 008-IosChoraKirche 014-SyrosKirche01
015-SyrosKirche02 016-SyrosKirche03 017-IMG0407 Ios-Sunset-02
Patrick-amSteuer-01 Syros-Gericht Syros Harbor  The harbor at Syros, Greece at dusk.  The crossing from Piraeus had been "unusually" rough, and the whole gang was glad to see harbor and have a chance to stretch our legs on a non-moving surface. : Syros, Greece Syros-Kirche-01